How - Use Charles Proxy (Web Browser)

Welcome back,,

This time, i will give you some trick about networking,

In the development a website we often hear about get and post method, and because of that method a website can work properly,

In this tutorial i want to tell you how to know what the post or get method that used in a website?
what variabel are given from a get method? and what variable are use for post method?

With server proxy, we will know that all.. ha..ha..ha..(don't laugh like me!)

Ok, the first time that we must to do is,,
install the Charles Proxy,
and to do that you must install java first.

if you have done all so you can running that software like this ha..ha..ha..(don't laugh like me!)

second, checked Windows Proxy, like this..

And try to running Charles Proxy(Press the button), then open your browser and type anything url you want and you will see this!

You see that?!!! i get that get and post method of this website! ha..ha..ha..(don't laugh like me!)

So easy, yes! because this website not require https link, and what about the https link?
simple, just install SSL Certificates of Server Proxy to your browser like this,

Open and intsall,,

Download SSL Certificates Charles Proxy, Java, and Charles Proxy, here..

Oke, but what about a mobile app? how i can get the post and get method?
see here..