How - Use Charles Proxy (Mobile App)

On the previous trick we have run Charles Proxy on web browser, this time we will join Charles Proxy with your device(mobilephone), for get the url of mobile app.

Ok just following the tutorial,

The first time, you must install Certificates Charles Proxy on your mobilephone, you can download here,

If done, then open that certificates on your mobilephone, so it would appear like this,

Fill the name certificates and "Oke"

Next, set the manual proxy on your mobilephone like this,

Fill the field Proxy with ip on your computer and Port field with your setting on Charles Proxy,

In the picture above, proxy settings done by equating the settings on your computer, where ip computer can be found on Charles Proxy

or command prompt (type ipconfig on command prompt see on IPv4 address)

Whereas port proxy, you can set port proxy on your Charles Proxy like this,
Just click menu Proxy and click Proxy Settings

And then set the Port,

The last, run Charles Proxy and then open one of your app on mobile phone, so that the view on Charles Proxy will look like this,